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About Seeding Roots

At Seeding Roots, we understand that strong, happy, and healthy families are important for society. Empowered families can achieve great things, which is why we offer practical tips and guidance to help young families face the challenges of modern life.

We know that school, external influences, and personal interests can create pressure on families. With the right tools and strategies, your family can overcome these obstacles and create a life full of love, fulfillment, and joy.

With over 25 years of experience in education, the founder of Seeding Roots has a strong background in cultivating successful families. Her passion has motivated her in providing resources and support to help families thrive.

We appreciate new ideas and perspectives from our community, so feel free to connect with us and share your thoughts, comments, or questions. Together, we can help families grow stronger and more connected. Let Seeding Roots support you in building a happy, healthy future.


Corinne Forman, M.Ed.

Author of Raising Thoughtful Children Without Going Crazy!

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