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Corinne Forman, M.Ed.

Author of Raising Thoughtful Children Without Going Crazy!

About the Author 

Corinne Forman has spent the last twenty-five years in education, working as an administrator, teacher, mentor and more. A relentless advocate to empower educators and students with cutting edge tools and strategies to ensure all students reach their potentials. Now, with the publication of her book, Raising Thoughtful Children Without Going Crazy! From the Perspective of a Mom and Educator, Ms. Forman details from an educator’s and mother’s point of view how you can raise thoughtful children using the advanced strategies she has learned over her career.


Equipped with a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, an Administrator's certificate, and a host of certificates in elementary and secondary education with various specializations, Corinne is a true educational powerhouse. Her qualifications speak volumes about her dedication to ongoing professional development and her commitment to staying at the forefront of educational best practices.


Join Corinne on her journey to transform learning and growing successfully. Together, we can unlock new possibilities, inspire innovation, and create a brighter future for educators and students alike.

The Inspiration for this book

Dear Readers,

I am writing to share with you my book, Raising Thoughtful Children Without Going Crazy! From the Perspective of a Mom and Educator. As a mom and an experienced educator, I have had the privilege of gaining multiple perspectives on the diverse needs of children. Through this book, I offer my unique perspective on how to raise thoughtful children in today's world without losing your sanity.

My hope is that families will gain valuable teachings from my thoughts and ideas. As someone who has held many positions in education and raised two children into adulthood, I understand the challenges that families face in today's society. My book provides insights on how to navigate these challenges while still prioritizing the growth of your family.

I hope that you will consider reading my book and gain at least a few take-aways that will inspire growth in your own family. 


Best Wishes,

Corinne Forman

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