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Seeding Roots: Garden Inspiration

Author Corinne Forman in her garden
Author Corinne Forman in her garden

Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years. – Unknown

This past year I decided to grow a vegetable garden, in addition to my floral gardens. It has quickly become a passion and as the quote in the title, attributed to unknown, says, it is definitely adding life to my years.

When beginning this gardening journey, I never imagined the happiness and connection it would bring to my family.

We now incorporate all our homegrown vegetables and fruits into our meals. What makes this extra special, beyond getting our kids to eat healthier, is that my teenage children also enjoy watching and recording our crops as they grow from seeds into actual edible crops.

The learning experience that takes place is unbeatable. As a former English teacher and administrator, I know the value of hands-on learning. Growing a garden provides so much education in many areas that have not only enlightened my children, but have taught new lessons for my husband and myself.

I only hope my family continues to grow in this journey while helping other families grow too and become closer. Gardening should bring FAMILY TOGETHERNESS! Let’s seed our roots and grow together!


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